My wife and I had a boiler in our unfinished basement for 23 years . As our kids grew they wanted more room to themselves and we found that the boiler in the basement had to go.

I started looking at outdoor wood boilers and knew that I had to consider all the options (See my next blog for my decision on that).

The biggest issue that we had was the handling of the fire wood in the past,,,,, I can this the touch points,,,, Junking up the logs, splitting, stacking, moving to the house, loading into the basement, then stacking again. That 6 times handling the fire wood, too many.

So we moved the drying outside near the boiler under a clear slanted roof in big bags, and the handling went down to 3 times,,, that was more acceptable for me.

But what are some of the advantages of these boilers regardless of the technology you plan to purchase. 

  1. Insurance companies like you removing your wood furnace and in our case the oil tank as well. Thus there is a lower rate
  2. No more wood bark or splinters on the floor to walk on and clean up after yourself
  3. No more ash clean out in the house that needs to be done every day or two.
  4. Constant temperature in the house ( no waking up at 2 am to stock the boiler again)
  5. If you have young adults like we do or kids ,,, then unlimited hot water is absolutely achievable
  6. I only loaded my boiler twice a day at 7 pm at night and 7 am ,, ,that’s it and no worries when you go to work.

So for us that is what we notice were the changes for us in our household