Want to live a more self-sufficient heating energy independent but not sure you will be able to keep ahead on seasoned wood. We have great news, the design of the Ultimizer Wood Boiler was thoroughly thought out and designed to be absolutely the best efficiency longest life hydronic heater. In fact it’s considered a updraft high bred gasifier that burns more efficiently than the conventional standard competitors boilers. Alot was learned in regards to wood gasification and all of its benefits in cleaner burning of smoke which increased efficiency. The idea came about by incorporating this hot burn zone into an updraft easy to maintain and burn any type of wood moisture. The Ultimizer seemed like a great name for the ultimate hybrid with the longest life expectancy. 

Portage and Main is not the traditional style outdoor wood boiler. These boilers have been manufactured since 1973 in Canada. The traditional style boiler from the competitors is still a fire box or drum that is surrounded by a water jacket, Portage and Main is not that style of boiler.

So if you look at your traditional style wood stove in the house heating the air inside a room. The fact that the wood stove does not have a water jacket allows that stove to operate at very high temperatures in the fire box as the water is not sucking the heat away and also allows for those dancing flames behind the glass. Those dancing flames are essentially the wood gasses burning off due to gasification. Gasification requires a higher temperature to operate correctly. So coming back to the competitive boilers that have a 360 water jacket around the fire box, with no refractory brick area  means that there is no gasification in the stove and wood gasses exit the furnace through the stack un-burned  with black smoke (black smoke means lost efficiency).

In the Portage and Main that does not happen and here is why. The Portage and Main wood boilers are designed with no water jacket in the bottom as they want the fire to be much hotter and water only takes the heat away. It’s always better to complete the combustion before taking the heat away. There is 2.5 inch thick durable refractory brick surrounding the base of the fire that absorbs heat which heat is then available to meet one of the 3 requirements of the fire triangle to allow the fire to achieve the same effect as a wood stove to allow for burning off of the gasses that come off the wood, the heat is then absorbed by the water jacket hot water is then circulated to the building requiring heat. There is an additional heat exchanger at the top of the stove that other competitors do not have as the Ultimizer has the original full multi pass perfected over 50 years ago.

If you are looking for an outdoor wood furnace in Nova Scotia, Maritime Biomass Burners offers the Portage and Main Ultimizer wood boilers.