Fresh air is drawn into the fire box on a Polar Furnace by a variable speed fan that keeps negative pressure in the fire box. The flames and smoke travel through the coal bed in the wood chamber and are heated. The flames and smoke are channelled through a nozzle in the floor of the wood chamber and are burned in a ceramic tube at a temperature normally above 980 degree C. At this temperature the smoke is turned to ash. The heat travels to the front of the stove and makes a 180 turn and heads to the back of the furnace and travels up through fire tube heat exchangers to transfer the heat from the wood gases to the water. Exhaust leaving the stack is usually below 175 Deg C.

Gasification furnaces operate at combustion temperatures much higher than conventional furnaces and thus burning off all the gases and lends itself to cleaner burning i.e. less smoke going out the stack.

Polar furnace is an EPA certified Furnace and is made in Canada. The fire box is under negative pressure and not under positive pressure like some other manufacturers. This leads to a clean stove and less smoke emitted out the door during operation. Also when loading the fan automatically speeds up to remove the smoke through the air sweep in the front of the stove. So essentially there is very little smoke that hits you while loading.

Another key feature of the furnace is that it does not have expensive computer technology that can fail and then you have to wait for these parts to arrive from the manufacturer and you do not have to learn to program these units or have the dealer come and flash the computer and set up the variables again.

Polar operation conditions are completely under your control and are easy to manually change as you require,,,,,, thus you are completely in control of the unit.

We supply the Polar outdoor wood furnaces in Nova Scotia, and have more information on the models here.