Our goal is educating home-owners and businesses that are considering wood heating, on the efficiency, sustainability, and proper use of wood boilers. We achieve through our learn blog on this page.

Does The Size of Outdoor Wood Furnace Matter?

Size: First of all you should really consider sizing your outdoor wood boiler ( and really spend time on this) >If you're replacing an existing oil furnace then this makes sizing much easier. It is very important not to oversize the BTU’s just because you want to...

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Why you should plan on having dry wood for heat

I have been burning wood since I was ten years old. My father had many things to do on the small farm as well as working a full time job. We did not have a great place to store wood to allow it to dry efficiently . Thus it led to multiple flue fires and one that...

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Why you should consider an Outdoor Wood Boiler

My wife and I had a boiler in our unfinished basement for 23 years . As our kids grew they wanted more room to themselves and we found that the boiler in the basement had to go. I started looking at outdoor wood boilers and knew that I had to consider all the options...

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Shutting down the boiler for the summer season

Believe it or not, the summer can be harder on your boiler when it is shut down. But it does not have to be if done right Portage and Main have a procedure that they publish for their customer to use when shutting the Outdoor Wood Boiler ( see below). Let me explain...

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Why Polar is a superior Gasification Furnace

Fresh air is drawn into the fire box on a Polar Furnace by a variable speed fan that keeps negative pressure in the fire box. The flames and smoke travel through the coal bed in the wood chamber and are heated. The flames and smoke are channelled through a nozzle in...

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