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100% Canadian Made Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Maritime Biomass Burners is a locally owned wood furnace & boiler distributor in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Our superior quality products are built to last and will provide efficient sustainable heat to your home and business.  For more information, please search our product lines below.

Gasification Furnaces

The best money can buy. The Polar brand is the absolute best wood boiler on the market that stands out with unique features and unprecedented efficiency.


The Crossover Wood Furnace

Portage & Main wood boilers are known for their efficiency and durable construction, proving to be of the best wood heating solutions available.


Wood Chip Boilers

Wood Chip boilers offer the lowest cost per BTU’s against all heating sources. Wood chips are a byproduct of the wood industry and utilize a heating source that is low cost and has the convenience of heating oil.

Heaviest Furnaces in the Market Provides Longevity

Wood heat has many options…

Maritime Biomass Burners can provide you with many options depending on your personal situation or location. We service all of Atlantic Canada including Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

If you’re a homeowner we can provide many models of wood heat options that use different technologies while also taking into account your wood source and how it is prepared.

If you are a farmer that has many buildings that you want heated, we have larger furnaces that can fit your operation or use the smaller wood chip boilers.

If you are a commercial grower or have apartments that the heating cost is eating into your profits with heating or electric heat, then our wood chip boiler has a lower cost to install and get you up and running quickly and put a smile on your face because you are using a renewable fuel that is essentially net zero carbon.

Wood Heating Systems

We have the people located in Canada to help you through the tough questions during your selection process and the install. We stay engaged in your successful install and are available for call evenings and weekends to talk through the toughest installations.

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